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Food allergies during the holiday season

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Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
The world becomes a different place when you discover you have a food allergy. It's particularly vexing during the holiday season, when potential food allergens lurk at every buffet table.

The Checkup: If you have GERD and worry about it's progressing to esophageal cancer, you'll be heartened by a new study showing the condition doesn't lead to cancer as frequently as we thought.

Trading comfort food for family activity
The MisFits
Instead of comfort food, one woman has taught her family to dig into what she calls "comfort activity."

In The News
An FDA advisory panel has finally given the thumbs-up to a diet drug. If Contrave receives final approval, it will be the first new pharmacological treatment for obesity in more than a decade.

In an effort to help curb childhood obesity, General Mills is reducing the amount of sugar in its sweetened cereals to no more than 10 grams per serving.

I just stumbled across some of your early "Me Minus 10" campaign articles. I am a very athletic teenager who is aiming to do the same thing. My doctor told me (nicely) yesterday that I need to drop about a dozen pounds to remain in the "healthy" weight range for my 5'4'' stature. Everything I eat is so healthy; no junk at all. Yet after I workout I can't seem to resist overeating. My goal is to fuel my body so I can stay strong and exercise hard but lose weight at the same time. Any suggestions about how to get in the "weight-loss mindset" would be much appreciated. -- Emma
A: First of all, Emma, it's a great idea to get a handle on maintaining a healthy weight while you are young. So, good for you! I wasn't able to start shedding my weight until I set the specific goal of losing it before I turned 50. I would suggest you set a similar goal. Then talk with your doctor again and get his or her help in devising an eating and exercise regimen that will meet your nutrition needs in a healthful, energy-balanced way. He or she may well recommend a program such as Weight Watchers. You might also get the inspiration and support you need from the on-line group SparkPeople, which has a special section for teens. And do stay focused on being active and healthy. Good luck, and please let me know how you do!
People are often misdiagnosed with food allergies, leading them to eliminate the presumably offensive foods from their diets when they really don't need to. That's because the process for pinning down a food allergy is more complicated than many physicians appreciate. That situation should improve soon, as the first official guidelines for diagnosing and treating food allergies were released last week.
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Scallops are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12, which prevents the chemical homocysteine from damaging blood-vessel walls. The combination makes scallops very good for your cardiovascular system.
Cooking Light
This steak is low in calories, fat and cholesterol, and the cumin and chili powder provide a dash of antioxidant power.
Using quinoa instead of rice is a good move: it provides fiber, protein and potassium, which plays a key role in regulating blood pressure.
Stephanie Witt Sedgwick
There's plenty of fiber in this side dish. Brussels sprouts are also terrific sources of Vitamin C and folate, which helps protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease.
This is a really easy dish that uses reduced-sodium canned beans and diced tomatoes, leaving a little room to add a bit of salt and salty Romano cheese. Nice way to fit some vegetables into your day.
Jim Shahin and Kathy Brackett
These cute cookies are simple, fun and festive - and they only have 20 calories (and no fat!) apiece.
Eating Well
Before you gorge, imagine image
Taking time to simply imagine eating a desired food before you actually put any in your mouth can lead you to eat less, a new study has found. Imagine that!

Moving Well
Guilt-free holiday health guide image
Find out how to survive the season of merry mayhem without adding inches to your waist, giving your liver a pounding and derailing your work out program.

Being Well
Obesity and depression image
Being obese and being depressed often go hand in hand. New research shows that women whose depression is relieved through treatment also are likely to shed pounds. The common link may be physical exercise, which can ease depression and contribute to weight loss.

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