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Fruit and Your Diet

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Weight Watchers allows free fruit, but reservations persist image image
Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
We're supposed to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep ourselves healthy and our waistlines under control. But does fruit really pull its weight, nutritionally speaking?

The Checkup: Weight Watchers has revised its program. Among the many changes: Fruits are now free! Have you tried WW before? And does the new PointsPlus program inspire you to try it now?

Pickup basketball spans two decades image image
The MisFits
A group of men have met regularly -- some for 20 years or more -- to play a pickup basketball game at Sidwell Friends School in the District.

In The News
The FDA has warned makers of dietary supplements that they must better police themselves to make sure that pharmaceuticals and other substances that aren't legal supplement ingredients don't end up in their products.

The CDC says that one in six Americans suffers from a food-borne illness in a given year. Tainted food is responsible for 48 million cases of illness, 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually.

My wife has reactions or allergies to Vitamin E, aloe vera, or possibly just their use together. Is this common? Every time we mention this to people, they say we are crazy, but reactions don't lie. She breaks out in rashes and has digestion problems. With the increasing use of either and both of these items in skin products as well as food products, what can we do to keep away from these? They are not always well documented in their use in products.
- Rick
A: Apparently your wife isn't the only person who has a reaction to Vitamin E; here's an article addressing the matter: Protection From a Vitamin Allergy?. I would urge her to see an allergist who can actually diagnose her allergy or reaction and advise her as to how to manage that condition. As I wrote last week, new guidelines aimed at helping physicians diagnose and treat food allergies have just been issued; several Lean & Fit readers mentioned that the link was bad, so here it is again.
Several readers told me I hadn't fully addressed reader Emma's question last week about how to lose weight; Emma said she tended to overeat after exercising. Here are two readers' suggestions:

I don't believe that you addressed the specific problem that was presented in the December 14, 2010 Lean & Fit. The questioner stated that she over-ate after exercising. Your response addressed more general weight loss goal setting. What if you suggested appropriate foods that would satisfy her hunger without adding calories? Bananas, popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches, and the like are filling, nutritious foods that could calm her craving without jeopardizing her fitness goals. Thank you for sharing your journey, and best wishes as you continue on!
- Keith

I'm surprised you didn't ask if she's exercising on an empty stomach. If she is, a bit of protein and complex carb snack would serve her well. Maybe she wouldn't be so hungry afterwards.
- Merri Jo
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Stephanie Witt Sedgwick
Red peppers and spinach are two of my favorite vegetables, and they're both packed with antioxidant vitamins and minerals. This recipe uses a small amount of sausage to add flavor without excess fat or calories.
Mindy Fox
This savory dish provides about a third of the fiber you need in a day. The recipe notes that, while chicken adds texture and protein, you could omit it if you want a vegetarian meal.
Want a holiday roast without all the fat and calories? This pork tenderloin, seasoned with mustard and rosemary and coated with panko crumbs, is very low in both but fancy and flavorful enough to serve on a special occasion.
Vegetarian Times
Eating soup at the start of a meal has been shown to help you consume fewer calories overall. And soups such as this one can be a terrific way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.
Whole Foods Market
Holiday hors d'oeuvre don't have to be fattening. These festive apple slices have just 20 calories apiece and feature a healthful mix of heart-friendly fat (in the pistachios), antioxidants (in the ginger), protein (in the pistachios and goat cheese) and even a bit of fiber (in the apple). Enjoy!
Cooking Light
Blueberries add sweetness and lots of vitamins (especially C and K) and minerals (including manganese) to these whole-grain muffins.
Eating Well
Raising vegetarians image image
Lots of kids are deciding, for various reasons, to become vegetarians. Experts say that's perfectly safe -- but caution parents to keep close tabs on their young vegetarians' intake of key nutrients.

Moving Well
Raising vegetarians image image
Even at 72, Jane Fonda has a better body than you. But she didn't come out of retirement to brag. Fonda's back to help seniors figure out how to feel the burn without burning out.

Being Well
Raising vegetarians image image
Exercising in the a.m., before breakfast, can help fight weight gain and insulin resistance, even in the face of overindulgence in food later in the day. Keep that in mind during the holidays and all the year through!

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